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pogo headquarters Reviews

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  • Club Pogo - Canasta

    Each time I attempt to play canasta, I watch several videos or interactive questions. At the end of each one, I get the message that I have unlocked a free game but then the site takes me to another advertisement/interactive RA test, MS test, etc. How is this not false advertisement? I would recommend everyone avoid Club Pogo and find other games to play online as this has become a joke! More...
  • chuzzle

    Managed to accumulate 90000 points, used over 45000 and still no bonus. Payout worst than Las Vegas, at least they guarantee an 85% return. Is it that your merely trying to drain all gems from your customers account.Would suggest you review payout or scrap this game entirely to not upset your customers. Thank you More...
    sharger's Picture   sharger    0 Comments   Comments
  • membership and games

    after 12 years of membership with POGO I am calling a quits.... 70% of games I can not play, I was charged 2 times in one year for membership.... please return my money ... I called to ask for help with games and Java that I have download 15 times already and the nice man from India who I could not even understand said that I will have to pay extra for help...... I love playing games with my friends BTW I was not able to do so I in a very long time, so I am asking myself... WHY? why do I have to be so taken advantage off, of being frustrated.. no thank you.... so this will be the last time... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    akshamdobie's Picture   akshamdobie    1 Comments   Comments
  • Ripped Off

    I was not supposed to be charged until the 29th of September. Imagine my surprise when I looked at my account today, on the 21st, and I was already charged. I am so mad! I have canceled my subscription, informed my bank, and want to get myself off that horrible site immediately! I only want to hear from Pogo is that my money is returned and that I am withdrawn from that terrible site. What kind of site has no phone number and 75 minute chat waits? I hate this site. I will tell everyone I know not to go on this site. I want my money back now! Margaret McGregor More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
  • cancel account

    My husband passed away on June 4, 2014 and he was a pogo member and I wish to cancel account it is recurring payment on checking and on my debit card I can cancel my card but wish to cancel account without having a new card can you help me any. His name Carl Wildridge and mine is Anita my email is awildridge@charter.net please see if you can help me cancel this and get my money refunded without canceling my debit card. THANKS Anita Wildridge More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    wild2152's Picture   wild2152    2 Comments   Comments
  • Java

    in the beginning of may I signed onto java and got to start to open a game then I'd get a message that the internet had a problem and was closing. on the help site I was told to upload java 85 which I did. That worked for almost 2 weeks. Weds morning I played daily games and then signed onto work- lunch break I went to sign onto pogo and since I keep getting the same message internet has experienced a problem and will shut down. I've been paying for my membership for years and never had a problem. If it s not fixed I'd like to be reimbursed. I also paid for my boyfriend... More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • Chess program problem

    I am a paying pogo customer and your CHESS game has a PROBLEM. If a player is losing a RATED game he can just leave and he will no lose any points and the player that is winning will not get any points AND sometimes even lose points and the game if you leave. When the losing player leaves, a window pops up saying. 1)Wait for more players 2)End game immediately. If you click the #2 It will say SORRY you lost. If you click #1 a pop up will say CLICK RESUME TO TAKE THE WIN. BUT when you click it a popup will say SORRY YOU LOST and you lost rated points. Please let me know what you are... More...
  • Ads hijack newly opened tabs causing game loss

    I have no problem with the intermissions or ads during games. I do have a problem when I open a new tab during the intermission/commercial and enter a new web address or open a bookmarked page. When the delayed ad finally begins on the pogo game tab, that tab is automatically opened, and I often have just opened a new tab and clicked on a book mark or pressed enter after typing a web address. When this happens I lose my seat at whatever game I'm playing. It's incredibly frustrating, especially during games like Risk. Please disable the tab hijacking. More...
    mcp142's Picture   mcp142    2 Comments   Comments
  • Robbed of prize

    I won the $2000 prize but the screen flashed Can't award. When I started to complain I was told to go the forum page which I did. When their explanation didn't satisfy me and I made additional comments, nothing nasty, they censored me and remove my comments. I have been fighting with the EA help, HA!, since August only to be told their investigation showed that I did NOT win the prize. When I asked to get a copy of that investigation I was told to have my attorney contact their attorney. When I tried to get that information no one could give it to me. When I contacted their PR... More...
    (Legal Services)
  • broken washing machine

    i have recieved a very nasty message from a other pogo player to whom i bought pogo club for him and he has con me out of thousand of pounds please read message i recieved today i wish to withdraw the subscription i paid for him his name is dave11blues can you deal with this please as i am very upset my name is cathygirl11 i have been a pogo member for 5 yrs and very happy wiith pogo More...
    cathygirl11's Picture   cathygirl11    0 Comments   Comments
  • cheated out of a year of paid membership

    I started the process of cancelling my membership last November. Pogo offered me a discount to renew, and I continued the cancellation process. Then they offered me a larger discount, and I still continued the cancellation process. Finally they offered me two years for the price of one, and I accepted. When they upgraded the Accounts Page, all renewal information vanished. When Pogo fixed this issue, and the information reappeared, I had lost one year of my membership. I contacted EA, and received an email stating that my membership would end in January 2014. This is still 10 months... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
  • Pogo won't load Monopoly the World Edition and Word Whomp

    Just spent an hour as I have many times, trying to load rooms in these 2 games. I am getting ticked off enough to cancel membership. Too many wasted hours I can never retrieve!! There is NO phone # to call and the help page is a total joke. And as many, I too have been a member since before time and never won one thing. My aunt joins for 3 mins. and wins $20 twice way back in the day when you had those small prizes for 5 minutes one time. Also, VERY boring w/o the big jackpots to try for..... AM ready to call it a day with Pogo. At least fix the loading problem and DO NOT blame my computer... More...
    Bluesbaby's Picture   Bluesbaby    0 Comments   Comments
  • POGO Flash update

    I have always enjoyed playing POGO games. Within the past two weeks I have bought GEMS,and my subscription was renewed. On June 4, 2013 POGO update requirements for FLASH and I can no longer play most of my favorite games, because my MAC system is not compatible. [It's old]. I was in compliance with the terms of the contract when I made the purchases, but now I'm not. Any suggestions? NO!!! I won't be buying a new computer. More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    eyemknott's Picture   eyemknott    1 Comments   Comments
  • POGO Games

    It is impossible to get a person to communicate with either by phone or email from EA/Pogo Games. It is so frustrating. There is no problem whatsoever when submitting a payment for membership, gems, etc., but forget it if you need someone to speak with to solve a problem. In the past, I have been able to purchase avatars even though they were not listed on the most current list --- I guess that is not possible anymore. It is very frustrating to me. my email is babysam90210@gmail.com More...
    babysam90210's Picture   babysam90210    2 Comments   Comments

pogo headquarters Reviews By Product

pogo headquarters Comments

NordicBeauty4U says: (3 years ago)
I love Pogo, I've been a member for many years, but over the past few months Monopoly World Edition has problems with the game freezing and I lose valuable tokens. I've tried several times to contact Pogo chat & email but it does not work. Can you please fix this gliche. Thank you so much...POGO ROCKS !

msmetalmark says: (3 years ago)
I was sent an email prior to my subscription renewal that said I would get 100 free gems on 8/1/14. Never happened. I am at this time having trouble with a game called shtriga. It is no longer showing what I need to do in situations. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. The game keeps my progress and still not working correctly. Any ideas?

jARAMIO says: (3 years ago)
what is the problem?????????????? when I log onto my friends list the work inacessible comes up by each friends name, so I can't get into the room they are playing in. I NEED A LIVE PERSON TO TALK TO AND FIX THE PEOBLEM 303-648 0053

jARAMIO says: (3 years ago)

seabrat says: (3 years ago)
seabrat3, i havent had any problem playing pogo for the past five years, last week i paid $39.95 and now i can play any game but majon, i have tried to get on by yahoo, msn & aol and wont open. if you cant fix this i am going to my bank and get my money back.

tom strautman

eltonfan says: (4 years ago)
I have been a POGO customer for many years. I have always loved QWERTY, but since you've made changes (this crazy message where I need to click on 'run' multiple times), I have barely won a game. I know that we can't always win, but I get letters that are actually impossible to make a word with. If it happened once in a while, I would understand. This is all the time lately. What is going on? I hate to stay away, as I love the game, but my job is frustrating and I use QWERTY to relax. Now, I don't even want to try to play. At least give me a fighting chance. Please bring back the old POGO.

Claudine says: (4 years ago)
Been a member for years and have enjoyed the games, but now the Mini Mall has DISTORTED FACES - POOR CLOTHING CHOICES - WHO ARE THEY TRYING TO PLEASE - 15 YEAR-OLDS? CAN'T CONTACT POGO OR EA FOR THIS COMPLAINT.

carolfare7 says: (4 years ago)
EMAIL IS CAROLYNFAREWELL@yahoo.com let me know how I can cancel my subscription if you do not fix your problems.

aswin123 says: (4 years ago)

qwyzl says: (4 years ago)
the scrabble game is horrible.
I lose far more often than I should going by normal odds.
other people get the seven-letter words all over the place while I only get them when there's no where to put them - and they're the worst-scoring letters besides.
other people always seem to know what my letters are, or they wouldn't take the chances they do if I had good letters. some players have no sense of fair play, either.
it seems to me like this game must be rigged. and if so, it's dishonest, unethical and so far as I'm concerned, it should be cause for this website to be removed from the internet.

delilah says: (4 years ago)
I joined Club Pogo because you promised "No Ads". Recently, "Home" page in Pogo always includes advertising for one of the World Winner games. I consider this worse than run-of-the-mill ads because you are constantly tempting players, who would normally never consider playing online for money, to do just that. Big business; anything goes if it means they can get your money.

emalala says: (4 years ago)
Trying to play pogo scrabble and can not open dictionary for three days now, nor the two
letter words. After a few minutes of playing the tiles won't move into position. it is
not playing and constantly buffering and it has to be shut down manually. Something is
very wrong? went to the apple store but they said it was the game.
Do you have any suggestions as I can not play any longer? Is it possible to email me help!

Thanks. I am not on face book.

rfrichy says: (4 years ago)
I enjoyed playing bridge on Pogo for sometime. Then about 10 months ago , the bridge game would not come down on my computers. I have tried very hard to contact Pogo about this but everything I wrote either got no answer or a statement that pogo did not respond to messages. Very frustrating ,but I have better things to do than waste time and create stress, so I decided I would forget it and just not renew . Then I get a message that my renewal will be automatically charged to my account!!. I renewed my efforts to contact pogo thru their web site. I found I could complain about bad behaviour in a game , but nowhere in the extremely complex site could I find a way to contact the company.
I contacted my american express and asked them not to process the renewal. It was too soon.I had to wait until it actually went through on a statement. It finally has and now I have to go through a blocking procedure and more delay.

Pogo, it seems, has no customer service, and does not care. It appears I may have to go public just to get attention
And yes, they have a cancellation process under which I would not only have to ignore the fact that I have had no access for a year, but. i would only bean cancelled a year from now after another year of no access.

I liked my bridge, but the pogo corporate support ethic is deplorable.

In sorrow [and in anger] Fred richardson [ rfredr@gmail.com ]

Joe5 says: (5 years ago)
we are realy happy to see pokemon in pogo.so good.and we kids are realy exited to see new part the pokemon black and white.but sir we have a little problem because the time is 9:30pm.and so our parents say that we should sleep at that time.so more than 50 of us could not see it regularly.so sir if you could change the timing to 5pm or 6pm.it will be a real help.kindly do the needfull sir.

griffkitten says: (5 years ago)
I can get in every game but letters from Nowhere . What can be wrong ?

utkarsh2001pokemon says: (5 years ago)
please start pokemon black and white on pogo as early as possile

abhiramchennappan says: (5 years ago)
please pogo tv we want the pokemon back to the show so please let can you show the pokemon to the start i love pokemon, i love pogo

sc1953 says: (5 years ago)
I been a member with club pogo.And when you having problems with java,on here.I could not play any games on here.For 2 months.And that is not fair at all.And last year when I resigned up for Club Pogo, i either pay $19.99,or $29.99.And now it is $39.99.I know that the last 2 years I've have pay either $19.99,or $29.99.I would like to know what is going on here..And i really think that the company needs a Customer Service, just like any company.. susieq1953p

skjo6 says: (5 years ago)
fix the games i have the latest version of java and some games won't load

kajmir says: (5 years ago)
I was in the Pogo Forum, looking for solution to Java issue. I made a post, that a mod saw fit to delete. I posted again, to ask what I had done wrong, as I didn't understand the reason for deleting it. They proceeded to delete that. Asked again, deleted and banned from the forum. Just like that. I've been a member of Pogo for over 10 years.

To ensure there was no rudeness in my request, this is what I wrote:

"To the mod who is continually deleting my posts. It would be polite if you could explain what it is that I am saying that is so offensive to warrant deletion. I truly don't understand. No anger, no profanity, no flaming of other posters....what ? What is it I am doing ? I have been admin on a couple of forums and currently mod on several....so have a clear understanding of what is unacceptable. If per chance, a poster does not understand, a simple response explaining the decision would be appropriate."

Is a post of this nature really considered ban worthy ?

lilwhitetiger says: (5 years ago)
for 2 days I been trying recover my password that I forgot every time I hit the button to submit above it they said it be in my email, except I never got anything for you with my password. I wish you will do something so I can play on my account now. if you do I be very grateful for your services and help. Thank you

winnermartwalk says: (5 years ago)
No Limit Texas Hold,em comes up, but my name is the only one that comes up. No others join. There used to be lots of players. It appears that something is wrong, but I
don't know what or what to do about it. Please help. You talk about Java and Browers, but I used to not have this problem.

vrabney1 says: (5 years ago)
my membership expired but cant renew because of problems with pogo reading my cards. after reading this page im probably better off.

blackonyxb says: (5 years ago)
Been a paid member for years.. in fact had 4 accounts.. one gone.. one soon and will not renew..can not even get into pogo now.. system busy again..this is a outrage that with all the knowlege out there.. that pogo seems to be the only one that has sunk this low.. What do they do ??? take people off the street and call them tech's LOLOL.. they must..POGO had been run to the ground..no support..NO fighting reports from stupid players..games don't load..can't even get into it..hackers that freeze games and rooms.. be warned.. they can get into your account if they can hack full rooms..and where's what we paid for??? NOPLACE.. goodbye to a once great place to be..SHAME ON YOU EAgames

mustangrl25k says: (5 years ago)
My games won't load keep getting the unable to connect to server screen. I have done all the trouble shooting nothing. I have tried 3 different computers same thing. If this is not fixed I will not be renewing my membership.

mustangrl25k says: (5 years ago)
My games won't load keep getting the unable to connect to server screen. I have done all the trouble shooting nothing. I have tried 3 different computers same thing. If this is not fixed I will not be renewing my membership.

offcqueen91 says: (5 years ago)
I am able to access exactly 9 of your games. Ever since the Java 7 update your service has been horrible. I have tried installing, uninstalling and then reinstalling the update to no avail. Right after updating and installing your games that require Java you will tell me that I need to update. What the heck is going on????

guodeverett says: (5 years ago)
I recently joined Pogo- AGAIN- to play bridge with friends. In addition to all of the problems that I stopped using Pogo, you have now started interupting games every two or three minutes for 30 seconds, for now reason. If this continues, I and thousands of Pogo users will drop out again. These interuptions ARE CRAZY. Stop them or I am gone, again and will never return.

ellenbouchard says: (5 years ago)
I have tried everything and club pogo will not let me play scrabble,tumble bees,bingo and other word games. It keeps down loading and will not let me in.Please help!

dbower42 says: (5 years ago)
i am a member in club pogo and have been for awhile now. my complaint is when you are playing someone in dominos or pool just to mention a couple the other person see they are going to lose they leave the game. it use to not matter because thy would lose thier points and that would be the end of it but now they los nothing. i don't like this because they can just leave a game and nothing changes. it is not fair to the person wh's winning.

gtctnc says: (5 years ago)
The Scrabble game is definitely rigged. Computer gets the "big" letters every time and the consumer gets one RARELY. I kept a spreadsheet ove 20 games and the "Computer" got the high point letters 89% pf the time opposed to the regular players one now and then. I resigned my POGO account. I don't mind losing fairly, but I refuse to be bilked by a computer! ggtc

tlandram says: (6 years ago)
I was playing lottso until it cut me out whats up with that better fix the problem or some other people will complain about it

nrthsd219 says: (6 years ago)
how can someone change my user name and password and use them for themselves.
my username is gone so are the almost nine million pts.
this new name is also hooked up with my email address. the new name is not even a little close to my original. whats up with this????

rozadenbaum802 says: (6 years ago)
i can't get into any pogo games that i've always played what are you doing? also your scrabble game is all messed up everthing is missing and you freeze the games many times. i wish you could get back to where you used to be it's very important that i be able to use your facility as i am mostly home bound and it gives me something to do

stuckwithpogo says: (6 years ago)
my club pogo membership exspired and when I went to reactivate it would not allow me. So I went to explorer and entered pogo.com and the web page came up and I entered my info again to reactivate my membership and it went through and all was good; however I was on a free pass for club pogo at the same time. then the free pass I susposed was done and then I get an email from pogo from someone I dont even know saying miss you and please come back!! I am like what !! then I openned my clubpogo and it wasnt club pogo but asking to join or whatever . So again I went the normal route and wouldnt download then to explorer and it downloaded all the way through saying completed and when I went to enter completed button it game me an red err message ...no one to call no one to email. I am stuck help me ......I just want to reactivate my membership and it offered even ten dallars off....I don't understand ...help

RailwayLil says: (6 years ago)
I already hawe anccount with Pogo but it is not reconzing my information how do I get back in and get my token back

jonesyny says: (6 years ago)
i cant play the new format for poppit majong dementions and now majong safari. change it back or i will join my 12 friends in facebook games and drop pogo. why do you keep screwing up a good thing. need a reply my screen name is jonesyny.

kttylvr1961 says: (6 years ago)
I have been getting a Certificate Error (advising me not to go to your page, but I go anyway) every single time I get on pogo for the last few months. It is very annoying. What can be done about this? I am way beyond frustrated.
My screen name is kttylvr1961. Please Please Help! Thank you

jimkay says: (6 years ago)
again, i am constantly getting knocked off no limit tex holdem. i have lost thousands of tokens. very unhappy with pogo. it is not my computer!! WHY???

jimkay says: (6 years ago)
again, i am constantly getting knocked off no limit tex holdem. i have lost thousands of tokens. very unhappy with pogo. it is not my computer!! WHY???

funlovinggirl1999 says: (6 years ago)

How come when i complain about a player nothing gets done and when someone makes up lies about me I get kicked out in
less then a minute???????? How come noone checks out the complaint and I have to switch user names to be able to play. What kind egotistical system is this????

grandmajess says: (6 years ago)
ihave to renew clubpogo in jan but have a problem i can not get on enternet explorer page says cant diplay the webpage and why does my account say renew in jan and pogo now whats wrong with this picture

myway1212 says: (6 years ago)
To whom it may concern- I am having a game problem in "BINGO LUAU" whichhas been going on for about 2 weeks now. While playing the game , I keep getting a box appearing which says, "COULD NOT FIND POGO FRAME, XD NOT WORKING". I hit the ok button in this box & I amtaken out of game. I have no idea what to do with this. I can not enjoy the game going in & out, no fun . This is the only game on pogo, that this happens on. Other games ok ! Please help ! Thank you, greeceland01@hotmail.com

NYLV12 says: (6 years ago)
I am a paying member of POGO, but am unable to get into any games. My NEW computer freezes just as the game gets to the end of coming in. This is going on for 7 months. They keep telling me what to do, but it never works. I need someone to speak to and get help.

linda264player says: (6 years ago)
first off i am now getting numbers across the icons and have been asking how to get rid of them, and noone bothers to answer, i think they just send a stasndard see you in a few days type message and delete them. no one helps any longer, it is a big rip off and i am seriously thinking of fquitting. also all the new games on are now ones you efither have to pay extra for, or there is no prizes or money or anything attached to them. can someone help me. Linda264player@yahoo.com

bigmaneastside says: (6 years ago)
Why Can't I win any damn money, i've been playing on pogo for almost 9 years. "No Money" Do U think i care if their is no money involved. I'm already a member, but what do I have to do, be a club member or something.

slojo says: (6 years ago)
How will I know if my problem was received slojo336@comcast.com

cbeerasheet says: (6 years ago)
cant play pogo because of my credit card there is nothing wrong with my credit card do pogo want people to purchase by the year and not the month

merridae2 says: (7 years ago)
No trouble with games but Pogo is not loading right-- 2 sections overlapping right down middle of screen

ebkoogle says: (7 years ago)
you took pebble beach, sawgrass, 3 hole challenge golf games off, why?? no explainsion? i maintained over 3 million credits, love golf, please bring it back, please!!!!


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